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Launching domains on Netlify

September 02, 2019

If you know Github, using Netlify to make your website live is super easy.

Six easy steps

  1. Create a Netlify account, and install the Netlify CLI in your terminal, which is

    npm install netlify-cli -g
  2. Log in to Netlify, and click on the ”New site from Git” button.

Netlify - new site from Git

  1. It’ll ask you where your repo is: Github, GitLab, or Bitbucket.

Netlify - Three Options

  1. It’ll likely ask you for access.
  2. Then just choose the repo.

Netlify - Select a repo to launch

  1. Many of mine are straightforward React or Gatsby projects, so there’s no other set up. So after clicking “Deploy site,” you’re pretty much good to go.

You have a URL! (sort of)

Netlify creates a URL for you, but it’s their own version. So unless you’re happy with your site URL being narcissistic-badger-12b0e5.netlify.com, there are a few more steps.

  1. Go to your team, and select the website in need a a custom (non-Netlify) URL.
  2. If you’ve already added your A record or CNAME record, you’re ready to move on.
Bill Pliske

Written by Bill Pliske, who lives and works in the Arizona desert trying his best to stay cool.