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Working with Mongo and Dokku

January 17, 2020

This tutorial assumes you already have Dokku installed on Digital Ocean, and already have an app up and running.


  1. dokku plugin:install https://github.com/dokku/dokku-mongo.git mongo
  2. Is plugin installed? dokku plugin:list
  3. Create a database: dokku mongo:create budgetdb
  4. Get connection info on db: dokku mongo:info budgetdb
  5. Connect db to an app called budget: dokku mongo:link budgetdb budget
  6. That will restart the container, and also create a new var called MONGOURL. Get MONGOURL value here: dokku config budget
  7. Add that URL and ENVVAR to your Node app locally, also making it the main ENVVAR you’re using.
  8. Commit and push changes to your dokku remote.
  9. You should now be using that new DB. Double-check that you’re connected: dokku logs budget -t

Local issues

  • If your previous Mongo URL was through mLab, connecting to it via localhost:4000/graphql was easy. You can’t do that via dokku/mongo. (It’s pretty locked down, but maybe there’s a way).
  • However, if you connect via a localhost React app, it hits the DB just fine.

One local solution

  • Using an app, like Robo3T seems to solve the issue.
  • But first, you need to expose some ports to the outside. Do this by entering dokku mongo:expose budgetdb
  • This will return some valid ports to try.
  • Here are the two Robo3T screens:

Robo3T - Connection tab

Robo3T - Authentication tab

Bill Pliske

Written by Bill Pliske, who lives and works in the Arizona desert trying his best to stay cool.